Cervical Length, Cervical Dilation, and Gestational Age at Cerclage Placement and the Risk of Preterm Birth in Women Undergoing Ultrasound or Exam Indicated Shirodkar Cerclage

Certain high-risk women require cerclage placement in pregnancy to lower the risk of a pregnancy loss or preterm birth and we have previously published our vast experience with this procedure  (https://www.mfmnyc.com/blog/mfm-publications/ultrasound-indicated-cerclage-shirodkar-vs-mcdonald/) and (https://www.mfmnyc.com/blog/mfm-publications/outcomes-of-emergency-or-physical-examination-indicated-cerclage-in-twin-pregnancies-compared-to-singleton-pregnancies/).  In this study we examined if there were any differences in cerclage outcomes, based on the cervical  length, cervical dilation, or gestational age at the time of the procedure.

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