The Depo Shot

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  • 99% effective
  • Use every 3 months
  • Doesn’t contain estrogen

What is the Depo Shot?

The birth control shot is sometimes called Depo-Provera, or the Depo Shot. The shot is a form of progestin-only birth control (called medroxyprogesterone) that requires a quick injection every three months. It prevents fertilization by stopping the egg from ovulating and also thickening the mucus that covers the cervix. This mucus prevents sperm from reaching the egg. The Depo Shot can also prevent periods with long-term use.

Is the Depo Shot right for me?

The Depo Shot is a great option if you want discreet, no-hassle birth control that you don’t need to worry about for twelve weeks at a time. Additionally, if hormonal birth control isn’t right for you or your health, the Depo Shot can be an effective way to prevent pregnancy. You’ll need to track your injection dates so that you receive your next shot within 12 or 13 weeks— if you’re more than two weeks late on getting your next shot, you’ll need to take a pregnancy test before you receive your next one.

What are the risks?

After you stop using the Depo Shot, it can take up to a year for your fertility and regular periods to return. Additionally, the Depo Shot is a progestin-only method, meaning it can come with some risks like temporary bone thinning. To counteract this, you should be sure to get enough exercise and regularly take calcium supplements. The Depo Shot does not protect against STDs, so you should be sure to still use condoms or other barrier methods for extra protection. Your gynecologist will discuss the specific risks of the Depo Shot with you during an appointment.

How do I get started on the Depo Shot?

You can begin using the Depo Shot at any time during your monthly cycle. After you and your gynecologist decide that the Depo Shot is right for you, we can administer each injection right in our office. We’ll make sure you have the correct date range for when to get your next shot before you return home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can antibiotics cancel out the Depo shot?

Antibiotics do not interfere with Depo-Provera's effectiveness. The only medication which reduces the Depo shot's effectiveness is aminoglutethimide, or Cytadren, which is prescribed for patients with Cushing syndrome. Be sure to outline all of the medication you take with your OB/GYN when discussing your birth control.

Can Depo cause eye problems?

In some rare cases, patients could experience vision problems due to blood clots or yellowing of the eyes or skin as side effects of the Depo-Provera shot. If these occur, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Can Depo Provera cause death?

There is no association whatsoever DepoProvera and death.

Can Depo terminate early pregnancy?

No, hormonal birth control methods, including Depo-Provera, have not been shown to cause a pregnancy termination, or provide 100% protection against an unplanned pregnancy.

Does Depo Provera increase risk of breast cancer?

In some studies Depo Provera showed a very mild increase in the risk of developing breast cancer.

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