Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)

in New York, New York

After a miscarriage, patients deserve care in a comfortable and compassionate environment. At Carnegie Women’s Health, our OB/GYNs offer manual vacuum aspiration in our Manhattan office on an outpatient basis.

What is Manual Vacuum Aspiration?

Manual vacuum aspiration, or MVA, is an outpatient procedure which removes tissues from the uterus. The procedure is a safe and effective non-surgical method of removing pregnancy tissues, typically after a miscarriage. 

When are MVAs Performed?

MVAs are typically performed after an early-stage miscarriage. Following a delayed or incomplete miscarriage, the uterus must be evacuated, meaning that any tissues from the pregnancy should be removed to avoid complications. Manual vacuum aspiration is used as an alternative to surgeries or curettage for patients who suffer miscarriage in the first trimester. 

The MVA Procedure

An MVA is performed under local anesthesia, and your OB/GYN will also likely administer antibiotics prior to your procedure to prevent infection. A speculum is then used to assess the cervix, similar to what you would experience during a normal Pap smear. Then, a cannula is inserted into the uterus and attached to an aspirator. Your OB/GYN will then use this aspirator to remove tissues. This process should not be painful, but you may feel some sensations similar to period cramping. In addition to local anesthesia, some patients may be given medication to keep them calm throughout the procedure if necessary. The MVA procedure only takes about fifteen minutes to complete on average. In some cases, your OB/GYN may then suggest an ultrasound to ensure that all tissues have been removed. 

Recovery After MVA

Typically, patients are monitored for about an hour after their MVA. Your OB/GYN or a nurse will watch for excessive bleeding, pain, or other signs of complication through this observation period. As MVA is an outpatient procedure, you are free to return home when you feel well enough, but should have a support person to drive you home and care for you as needed. 

Vaginal bleeding can be expected for about seven days after MVA. This should not be heavier than a typical period, and you should contact your OB/GYN if bleeding becomes too heavy or causes concern. It is generally recommended that patients do not use tampons or have intercourse for at least a week after MVA. However, most patients return to work or other normal routines about 48 hours after the procedure. 

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