Secret RF For Facial Rejuvenation

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It’s an unfortunate fact that all of us will eventually experience the signs of facial aging like wrinkles, lines, and discoloration. However, with the advent of new medical aesthetic technology, the options for reversing these conditions are more effective and more accessible than ever before. For a wide variety of facial concerns, the powerful but non-invasive Secret RF microneedling device is a great way to achieve a rejuvenated appearance with a fully personalized procedure. 

How Does Secret RF Help My Appearance? 

It’s been well-known for many years that a leading cause of aging in the skin is our body’s decreased production of certain proteins, like collagen and elastin. And although there are many treatments designed to boost collagen production either temporarily or in the long run, Secret RF is unique because it combines two collagen-boosting treatments in a single device. 

As a microneedling procedure, Secret RF stimulates the body’s natural healing response of producing collagen by selectively penetrating the skin to varying depths and delivering radiofrequency energy. The radiofrequency energy delivered via Secret RF’s microneedles is a unique, patented technology that produces a greater collagen-building effect than other microneedling procedures.  

What Conditions Does Secret RF Treat? 

Secret RF radiofrequency microneedling is a highly versatile treatment. Its varying options for  needle penetration depth and tunable energy delivery allows for treatments to be customized for various concerns and skin types. Common concerns that can be resolved with Secret RF include: 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Acne or surgical scars 
  • Photoaging concerns 
  • Uneven skin texture 

Secret RF comes with two different-sized handpieces for treating large and very small areas, respectively. This allows our aesthetic professionals to give precise results in as little time as possible. In addition to being safe for use on the face, Secret RF can be used anywhere on the body, addressing additional concerns like stretch marks, surgical scars, and sun damage. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Secret RF? 

One of the best things about Secret RF is that it’s safe for any skin type and color, unlike other laser skin treatments which can cause complications on darker skin tones. This means a wide variety of  people and skin types are good candidates for facial rejuvenation with Secret RF, as long as they have generally healthy skin. To be certain you can benefit from a treatment session with Secret RF, contact Carnegie Women’s Health today to schedule a consultation with our aesthetic team. 

Secret RF Radiofrequency Microneedling Treatments in New York 

Just one session of Secret RF, which can take under 20 minutes, can make a significant difference in the appearance of your facial skin. Learn more about this and our other aesthetic treatment options by meeting with our highly trained professionals at Carnegie Women’s Health. You can reach us by contacting us online or by calling our office today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, studies have shown that radiofrequency microneedling is capable of coagulating tissue and remodeling collagen at precise depths to address the signs of aging.

Secret RF is effective at addressing fine lines and wrinkles by tightening skin and stimulating the long-term production of collagen.

By using a topical anesthetic prior to treatment, most patients report only minimal discomfort during Secret RF sessions.

For the best and longest-term results, regular treatment sessions spaced one month apart can help you achieve a revitalized appearance>  Maintenance appointments can be scheduled if desired after that.

Secret RF treatment sessions are quick and nearly painless, resulting in minimal downtime, meaning you can get back to your normal life nearly immediately. Many patients are able to return to work or social engagements within a few hours.

It’s best to avoid washing your face until any irritation or sensitivity has subsided. Then, begin gently rinsing your skin with cool water and patting dry until you feel comfortable returning to a gentle, unscented cleanser.

RF microneedling can benefit a variety of skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, dullness, and texture. It can also be an effective option for sagging skin.

Because your skin will be sensitive for a while immediately after a Secret RF treatment session, we recommend you avoid using any makeup or skincare products for 24 hours following your appointment.

You’ll begin to see your final results emerge over the course of the weeks and months after your procedure. Within a week, you may see noticeable improvement in your skin’s tone and overall appearance.

No. RF microneedling simply boosts your body’s natural rate of collagen regeneration over time. You can maintain long-term results by returning for touch-up treatments and practicing good anti-aging skincare.

Many patients who see signs of aging in the face, such as wrinkles or sagging, are good candidates for Secret RF. The treatment is safe for those who have darker skin tones, unlike other options.

Most patients will begin seeing their results within a few days after Secret RF treatment. However, these results will continue to gradually improve over the course of six months.

Prior to your Secret RF treatment, you should avoid using irritating treatments or products, such as retinoids or waxing. You should also avoid sun exposure through either sunlight or tanning beds, and avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

After your Secret RF treatment, you should avoid applying irritating skin products like retinoids or hyaluronic acid for a few days.. Follow all instructions from your Secret RF provider.

Secret RF treatment is not painful. You will receive a topical numbing agent before your treatment session.

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