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At Carnegie Women’s Health, we treat hormonal insufficiency using BioTE, an advanced method for bioidentical hormone therapy. Many women, especially those experiencing menopause, suffer from a variety of symptoms due to reduced hormone levels. . BioTE is a simple and effective way for these patients to find relief from their symptoms.   

Treat Physical Symptoms 

Reduced hormones can be responsible for a wide range of physical symptoms. Thinning tissues can cause health problems, and many women gain weight, especially during menopause. Over time, blood sugar complications and even bone loss can occur.  

Physical symptoms may also begin to change your appearance, such as thinning hair from the scalp, increased unwanted body hair, and acne or other skin issues. BioTE balances the hormones to reduce these symptoms, giving patients peace of mind and relief from physical issues.  

Sexual Wellness 

One of the most common symptoms of hormone imbalance in women is sexual dysfunction. This can include thinning or dryness in vaginal tissue, which can result in discomfort and pain during sex as well as decreased libido. Balancing the hormones can often resolve these issues.  

Improve Your Mood  

Mood swings, irritability, and anxiety are all common symptoms of hormonal imbalance, especially during menopause. These symptoms can completely disrupt your everyday life. BioTE can be an effective treatment for these mental health issues, helping patients regulate their moods and feel more like themselves again.  

Boosted Energy  

It’s normal to feel decreased energy over time as you age, but hormonal imbalances can cause a sudden onset of fatigue. This drop in energy makes it difficult for many patients to keep up with everyday tasks and a healthy, active lifestyle. After starting BioTE treatment, many patients feel a boost in their energy levels and feel confident in tackling their routines again.  

BioTE is Simple and Easy  

Compared to other hormone replacement therapy options like pills or creams, BioTE is incredibly easy for patients. The treatment utilizes small pellets which are placed below the skin and deliver a consistent, steady release of bioidentical hormones to the body. The pellets are placed by a physician in our office, and thanks to local anesthesia, patients feel no pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. The video below shows a step-by-step process for placing BioTE.  

Once in place, BioTE pellets are effective for 3-4 months and provides patients with consistent relief from their symptoms. This makes the treatment an excellent option for those who have busy or unpredictable schedules.  

Schedule an Appointment 

To learn more about BioTE and whether the treatment is a good option for you, schedule an appointment with Carnegie Women’s Health in New York City. Call our office at (315) 628-7063 or request an appointment through our online form.  

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