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Cancer Screening

Why It’s Important to Get Regular Pap Smears

If the thought of a Pap smear fills you with anxiety, you’re not alone. Most women can talk at length about their Pap smear experiences …

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TruSculpt iD

The Top 5 Benefits of truSculpt® iD

If you’ve never heard of truSculpt® iD, there are plenty of reasons to consider this non-surgical fat reduction option. Whether you’ve lost significant weight or …

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Birth Control

What’s the Best Type of Birth Control for Me?

For many decades, the pill was the only type of birth control available. Fortunately, things have come a long way and there are now more …

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Secret™ RF

Why Choose Secret™ RF Over Traditional Microneedling?

The more that we learn about the process of aging, the more we discover that a loss of volume and collagen is responsible for many …

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Annual Exams

What to Expect At Your First Well Woman’s Exam

If you’ve never been to a gynecologist, it’s normal to have a bit of anxiety when you finally schedule a visit. This is probably because …

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Adolescent Gynecology

When Should My Daughter Start Seeing a Gynecologist?

If you have a teenage daughter, it can seem like it’s too early to start considering her reproductive health. Likely, your daughter feels uncomfortable about …

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Types of Menstrual Pain and How Your Gynecologist Can Help

Menstruation and pain seem to go hand-in-hand for most women, so it’s often taken as a fact of life. However, it’s important to know that …

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Food Labels and What They Actually Mean

Reviewed by: Casey Seiden, MS, RD, CDN, CDE If you’ve ever tried to be health conscious in the coffee creamer aisle, for example, you know …

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How Can I Prevent Frequent UTIs?

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, can be a recurrent problem for some women. If you’ve ever had one, you know it can be extremely uncomfortable …

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What is a Submucosal Uterine Fibroid?

Uterine fibroids affect around 70% of women. These growths are noncancerous and occur during childbearing years. They can range in size from nearly undetectable to …

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