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Even with the best in diet and exercise, it can be extremely difficult to lose fat where you want it. Because of the way the female body stores and carries fat, many women struggle with stubborn fat deposits especially after life events like weight loss or pregnancy. Liposuction has been the traditional option for fat reduction, but there are now more non-invasive body sculpting options than ever. truSculpt® iD is one option offered at our New York City office.

What is truSculpt iD?

truSculpt iD is a revolutionary body sculpting treatment that requires no incisions or downtime. It works by targeting fat cells deep under the skin with monopolar radiofrequency energy, generating heat to therapeutically damage fat cells so they can be naturally removed by the body. Over time, this process reduces fat pockets and produces definition in areas where you previously struggled to achieve your goals with diet and exercise.

Another benefit of truSculpt iD is that this process also generates gentle heat in the deep tissues of the skin. This prompts the skin to contract existing collagen and create healthy new structures. Collagen is a plentiful protein in the body that gives your skin its firmness, elasticity, and support. By generating new collagen and contracting the existing matrix under the skin, truSculpt iD can create a “shrink-wrap” effect at the same time as reducing unwanted fat. The result is better definition and truly non-surgical improvement in your body’s natural contours.

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truSculpt iD vs. Secret RF for Skin Tightening

Secret RF is another skin tightening device that stimulates collagen production, although it uses a different method. It works by generating tiny channels in the skin while at the same time administering radiofrequency energy. Secret RF does not address stubborn fat like truSculpt iD, meaning truSculpt iD may be better for your goals if you want more complete body contouring. However, you may be able to benefit from both options based on your cosmetic goals. Our team will help you determine which options will best produce your ideal results.

truSculpt iD Treatment Areas

truSculpt iD is a very versatile technology and can be used in a variety of treatment areas. We commonly use it as part of a non-surgical mommy makeover or as a comprehensive non-surgical body contouring package.

truSculpt iD for the Abdomen

Women tend to experience pockets of fat in the stomach which can be hard to lose through traditional diet and exercise. truSculpt iD for the abdomen can be an all-around solution, especially for postpartum women who also have loose skin.

truSculpt iD for the Hips and Flanks

Some women carry fat in the hips and flanks, contributing to a “muffin top” look. You may find that pants fit differently around your waist than they do around your thighs. truSculpt iD can reduce fat in these areas, slimming your figure for a more balanced look.

truSculpt iD for the Thighs

It’s normal to have some fat on your thighs, but if it causes chafing when running or walking, truSculpt iD can help. This device can reduce fat and excess skin in the area, which is a common occurrence for women who have lost significant weight.

truSculpt iD for the Chin

truSculpt iD is unique in that it can help reduce submental fat, or fat underneath the chin. A “double chin” is a genetic trait that can be difficult to get rid of, and it can make you look heavier than you really are. truSculpt iD can spot reduce this fat and help shrink and tighten loose skin – another effect of significant weight loss and aging.

truSculpt iD for the Arms

For many women, “bat wings” can prevent them from fully enjoying their favorite tank tops or dresses. Wings of fat and stretched skin can be a result of significant weight loss. With truSculpt iD, you can achieve slimmer, more toned arms by reducing fat and shrinking skin.

Am I a Candidate?

truSculpt iD is an excellent option for women looking to address stubborn fat in all those traditional trouble spots like the stomach, flanks, bra lines, thighs, underarms, and chin. In one 15-minute session, truSculpt iD can reduce up to 24% of fat in a treated area.  And unlike other available body sculpting technologies, truSculpt iD had the added benefit of a skin tightening effect once the underlying fat is destroyed.

During a consultation with our expert team, we’ll discuss your goals for aesthetic treatments and how you can benefit. For best results, we recommend you be at or near your ideal weight for a stable amount of time. You should also assess whether you plan on becoming pregnant in the future since this can cause you to gain weight back.

What Happens During Treatment?

truSculpt iD treatments can take as little as fifteen minutes per treatment area. Once you’re relaxed and ready, the treatment applicators will be applied to your treatment areas and you’ll relax while the technology generates gentle heat. Most patients compare it to a hot stone massage. Once finished, you can return home immediately.

What Can I Expect Afterward?

You can return to your regular schedule right away after truSculpt iD treatments, albeit with some redness and sensitivity. Each treatment can produce as much as 24% in fat reduction, but many patients require only one treatment session. You’ll see improvement in your treatment areas over the course of 12 weeks after your appointment while your body flushes out the affected fat cells through your normal metabolic processes. The result is contoured, defined areas without downtime or recovery, meaning you can get right back to living your best life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TruSculpt is designed to be a comfortable procedure. There should not be painful side effects following the procedure or while receiving the treatment. Side effects may include redness, sweating, and mild tenderness, and dissipate within a few hours.

It is possible to use TruSculpt on the face, however, candidates should be cautious with this decision as future weight loss or aging after TruSculpt treatment can create unwanted effects. TruSculpt is often used, however, to remove unwanted fat from the “double chin” area.

The cost of TruSculpt treatments varies by the extent of the procedure, the size of the area you are treating, and other factors. TruSculpt treatment is highly customizable, which means that the prices vary greatly from patient-to-patient. You can learn more about the price of your personalized TruSculpt treatment during a consultation.  

TruSculpt iD is a suitable treatment to tighten skin for patients who have minimal to moderate skin laxity.  

TruSculpt iD uses patented subdermal heating technology which not only destroys fat cells permanently, but also encourages collagen stimulation, tightening skin in the treated area. 

Non-surgical body contouring procedures like truSculpt iD are designed to be painless, comfortable procedures that produce gradual results with no need for downtime to heal. This makes them excellent procedures for those looking to maintain an active lifestyle while reducing fat in targeted areas. 

Every person’s anatomy and goals for body contouring are different, which can mean different numbers of sessions for different people. However, most people benefit from just a single session, achieving fat loss of up to 24%. 

Most commonly used on the stomach and lower abdomen, truSculpt iD can also be used on the thighs, above the knees, the upper arm, and under the chin. 

Fat removed with truSculpt iD is permanently gone. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t gain weight in the future, which can alter the results of the procedure.  

For some patients, weight loss may be recommended before undergoing truSculpt iD since results are not optimal for people who carry a significant amount of excess weight.

Yes, truSculpt iD is FDA-approved for lipolysis and reducing the circumference of the waistline.

Yes, truSculpt® iD results are permanent.

truSculpt® iD technology burns fat and tightens the skin simultaneously. It employs radiofrequency technology to tighten skin tissues during body sculpting for ideal results.

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