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Nutrition can be confusing, and there are many contradicting pieces of advice available to us from a variety of sources. Meeting with a registered dietitian is the best way to learn more about evidence-based nutrition as it applies to your health needs. Carnegie Women’s Health offers nutrition consults for our patients.  

Why See a Dietitian? 

There are many reasons why patients choose to see a dietician. At Carnegie Women’s Health, a majority of our patients have nutrition consults to manage and maintain their health during pregnancy, but it can also be helpful to see a dietitian at all stages of your life.  

There are many reasons why a woman may see a dietician. During all stages of life, a woman’s nutrition needs can vary, and understanding proper nutrition can optimize her health. For example, a younger athlete can work with a dietitian to understand the correct balance and amount of fuel her body needs to optimize performance. On the other hand, older women experiencing menopause can manage symptoms and adjust their diets according to changing nutrition needs with the help of a dietician. A dietitian can also help women dealing with underlying disease, ensuring that their diet meets their unique needs and does not inadvertently worsen symptoms.  

Your dietitian can help you to develop a nutrition plan that is customized to your health needs and suggest a balanced meal plan. During a consult, your dietitian will also recommend healthy recipes and tools to help you maintain a healthy diet at home.  

Diabetes Care and Education  

Our dietician, Casey Seiden, is also trained as a Certified Diabetes Educator. She is uniquely qualified to help patients manage their nutrition and diabetes care. Patients who are dealing with gestational diabetes can also benefit from a nutrition consult appointment.  

Nutrition Consult During Pregnancy 

Seeing a nutrition consultant during your pregnancy can help to ensure that you and your baby are gaining an adequate amount of weight in a healthy manner. Your nutrition consultant can also recommend or adjust supplements according to your needs during pregnancy. An experienced dietitian will also have knowledge of unique nutrition needs during twin or multiple pregnancies. Finally, your dietitian can help you manage nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal discomfort.  

If you are planning to become pregnant, a dietitian can also help you understand optimal nutrition for fertility.  

Your Nutrition Consult Appointment  

During your nutrition consult appointment, you should be prepared to discuss your health concerns as well as medications or supplements that you currently take. You and your dietitian will then discuss your current diet and eating habits. They will then answer any questions you may have regarding your diet, nutrition needs, exercise, or supplements, and create a customized nutrition plan to meet your needs.  

Our Dietitian

Casey Seiden MS, RD, CDN, DCES is our Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Carnegie Women’s Health patients seeking nutrition consultations can benefit from Casey’s extensive knowledge on nutrition, diabetes, digestive issues, and more.  

Casey Seiden earned a Masters in Nutrition and Public Health and completed a dietetic internship at Teachers College Columbia University. She works with patients to meet their unique nutrition needs while still enjoying delicious foods. Casey believes in helping patients reach an uncomplicated relationship with food through evidence-based dietary recommendations.   

To learn more about Casey or try her recommended nutritious recipes, visit  

Schedule an Appointment  

To schedule an appointment with our dietitian in our New York City office, request your appointment by calling (315) 628-7063 or requesting an appointment through our online form.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nutritionists help you lose weight?

A nutritionist or dietician can help you lose weight through setting healthy and realistic dietary habits.u00a0

What can I expect from a nutritionist?

In a meeting with a nutritionist, you can expect to review your medical history and lifestyle, including the medications or supplements you take, stress levels, exercise habits, and concerns or goals. They will then offer advice for healthy dietary habits.

What is the difference between dietitian and nutritionist?

Dietitians are board-certified experts in nutrition and food. They work in hospitals, medical clinics, or research settings. A nutritionist refers to a broader range of professionals, who may or may not require credentialing.

Will insurance cover a nutritionist?

Insurance may cover a nutritionist under some plans. Most commonly approved indications are for patients who have underlying health conditions like diabetes,obesity, hypertension, etc.

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