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As a committed and experienced medical team, Carnegie Women’s Health is here to partner with you at all stages of womanhood. Our trusted and award-winning staff maintain a strong focus on creating a patient-centered environment with exceptional care.

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Hormone Replacement

Hormone imbalances can cause a variety of symptoms and health concerns. BioTE is a simple solution for hormonal issues without the hassle of a daily pill or patch. Talk to our expert staff about trying BioTE for yourself.

The latest and most accurate information about women’s health and healthy living tips. Learn more about women’s health topics.


Expert care and health information from our award-winning gynecological team. Learn more about our in-office services.

The best birth control and pregnancy resources that fit your future goals best. Learn more about family planning options.

Our expert team can assess your goals and create the right treatment plan for you with our best non-surgical technologies.

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Birth Control

Nine Tips for Using Birth Control

There are plenty of birth control options available to suit a wide variety of needs and preferences. The most effective birth control plan includes planning …

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Birth Control

What is a Vasectomy?

When looking at your birth control options with your partner, and you are confident you no longer plan a future pregnancy, vasectomy is an excellent option. It …

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Birth Control

What Emergency Contraceptives Should I Take?

Emergency contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy that can be used in the event that you have unprotected sex, or your regular birth control fails. Emergency contraception options include pills, …

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Birth Control

What’s the Most Effective Birth Control Method?

If you’re hoping to not get pregnant once you become sexually active, it’s perfectly normal and responsible to look for the safest and most effective type of birth control …

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How to Stop Overeating

Reviewed by: Casey Seiden MS, RD, CDN, DCES  There are a lot of reasons that people overeat, and it’s likely that you’re very familiar with your tendencies. …

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Secret™ RF

Non-Invasive Mommy Makeover for the Face: How You Can Boost Your Look Without Surgery

Although many women focus on the effects that childbearing can have on the body, visible aging in the face is another area where plenty of …

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