The Ring

in New York, New York
  • 92% effective
  • Use once per month
  • Contains estrogen

What is the Ring?

The ring, sometimes called NuvaRing, is a birth control method that is inserted in the vagina and releases hormones over time. The hormones, progestin and estrogen, prevent fertilization by stopping an egg from being released each month and also thicken the cervical mucus. You’ll insert a new ring each month on time so that you continue to get the benefits.

Is the Ring right for me?

NuvaRing is an extremely convenient way to protect yourself against pregnancy for a month at a time. Once you insert a new ring, you won’t need to worry about it until you need to change it. Since the ring uses estrogen, it comes with some health benefits like preventing acne and regulating your periods. However, some women shouldn’t use estrogen-containing birth control for different reasons. You can stop using the ring at any time and can become pregnant soon after.

What are the risks?

Since NuvaRing uses estrogen, it can come with some very small health risks that your gynecologist will discuss during your appointment. You can also experience side effects like intermittent bleeding or a low sex drive. There’s always the risk that the ring can become dislodged or come out, meaning you may experience some discomfort or accidentally become pregnant. That’s why it’s important to check your ring regularly and change it on time. The ring does not protect against STDs, so you should still use condoms during sex.

How do I get started on the Ring?

Your gynecologist can discuss whether the ring is the best option for you during an appointment. The ring requires a prescription from your gynecologist, and they will make sure you understand how to place it and the right schedule for changing it out. Once you have your prescription, you can begin using NuvaRing immediately.

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