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Secret RF treatment is an effective treatment option for a range of common aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines or mild skin laxity. Before you choose Secret RF Microneedling, there are some things you should know about the side effects after treatment and the steps you’ll need to take to keep your skin healthy. Below are five things to expect after Secret RF treatment.

1. Redness is Normal

After any RF microneedling treatment, redness is a very common and normal side effect. The radiofrequency energy used during Secret RF treatment generates heat, which commonly causes redness and a sensation that may be similar to a sunburn. These side effects should quickly subside; most patients will find that redness lasts no longer than a few hours or a day at most. Ensuring that you are properly hydrating will also help redness dissipate quickly.

2. Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

If you are considering Secret RF, you likely have already incorporated anti-aging skincare products into your normal routine. Some ingredients, such as exfoliants, hayaluronic acid, or retinols, can be too harsh after microneedling. Stick with hydrating products and gentle formulas for 3-4 days after your treatment. Gentle moisturizing along with  SPF protection is especially important after microneedling, as your skin will be particularly sensitive to sun exposure.

3. Some Pinpoint Bleeding or Bruising May Occur

Since needles are inserted into the skin during Secret RF treatment, you may see some pinpoint bleeding. The treatment itself should be comfortable thanks to topical numbing agents that are applied before the procedure, but you may still see some small areas of bleeding after the treatment which will resolve immediately after the procedure. In less common instances, you may also see small areas of bruising as well that that will subside within two days at most.

4. You May See Shedding

Secret RF can resurface the skin, meaning that some peeling or shedding is normal through the recovery period. This is a good sign that cell turnover is occurring, and new skin cells are growing. However, as your skin sheds, you will likely notice a duller or flakier appearance. A sensation of dryness or tightness is also normal. This process should last only a few days.

5. Your Skin Will Glow

After the healing period is complete, your skin appearance will improve, almost glow, from Secret RF treatment. This usually occurs after about five days. You will notice smoother and more luminous skin, likely with softer lines and wrinkles. Most Secret RF patients have multiple treatment sessions to reach their ideal results, so you can expect this to improve over time as you receive more treatments.

Even as your skin appears healthier, remember that it is still important to keep up with moisturizing and SPF. Even after visible side effects subside, your skin is still repairing itself and generating new collagen and skin cells, so proper skincare is key to support this process.

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