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There are many non-surgical fat reduction options available these days, with varying types of technology and with similarly promised results. However, this means that it’s difficult as a patient to decide which technology is the best option for you based on your unique body type and goals for body contouring. At Carnegie Women’s Health, we offer TruSculpt ID, a new and advanced method to reduce fat in specific areas of your body. Here’s what TruSculpt ID is and how the treatment compares to other fat reduction options. 

What is TruSculpt ID?

TruSculpt ID is a fat reduction technology that works using radiofrequency energy. This radiofrequency heats the fat layer beneath the skin without causing discomfort to the skin itself. By gently heating the fat layer, TruSculpt ID effectively melts fat cells, damaging them enough that the body flushes them away as waste.

After a single treatment session, which can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, results can be seen about 12 weeks after the procedure. Most patients see an average of 25% fat reduction after completing a full treatment plan, assuming their diet and exercise habits stay the same. 

What are the Benefits of TruSculpt ID?

One of the main benefits of TruSculpt ID is that it is available to those with higher BMIs and more fat to reduce compared to other nonsurgical fat reduction technologies. TruSculpt’s tissue heating technology also allows deeper penetration under the skin above the layers of fat being treated with residual energy. This energy encourages these layers of skin to ramp up collagen production after the treatment, helping enhance your final results and potentially tightening loose skin that may be present before or as a result of removing fat.

The applicators for TruSculpt ID, unlike other body contouring devices, can be placed in up to six places for hands-free treatment, with two additional hand-held applicators for smaller areas you may wish to treat.

TruSculpt is a non-surgical procedure with no anesthesia and no downtime. Most patients describe the TruSculpt experience as similar to a 15-minute hot stone massage or a warm heating pad. After the procedure, you can expect some sensitivity and redness in the treated areas, but you will be free to return to your routine as usual. 

Comparing TruSculpt ID with CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, and Sculpsure

The primary benefit of TruSculpt ID compared to other noninvasive or minimally invasive fat reduction treatments is that it is available to a wider variety of patients. Patients with higher BMIs or less skin elasticity are better suited to TruSculpt ID than other fat-reducing procedures available on the market. This is due to the gentle and highly precise subdermal heating it provides, as well as the added benefit of skin tightening for a two-pronged approach to flattening a problem area or getting a more toned contour in general. Here’s how TruSculpt ID stacks up against its competition.

TruSculpt ID vs. Sculpsure

The radiofrequency heat technology of TruSculpt ID is similar to Sculpsure’s approach to reducing fat cells.  However, TruSculpt is able to reach deeper into the fat layer, takes less time per treatment session, and is overall more effective in creating satisfying results for patients in clinical trials. Sculpsure also involves a more uncomfortable and longer procedure time, taking up to half an hour vs. 15 minutes, with TruSculpt ID and isn’t right for everyone, since its heating is not as evenly distributed as TruSculpt ID. It can also be more painful for sensitive skin.

TruSculpt ID vs. CoolSculpting

Most patients who are candidates for TruSculpt ID are also candidates for CoolSculpting, which works by freezing rather than heating fat cells. The treatments are also comparable in the amount of fat they reduce upon full recovery. However, in comparison to CoolSculpting, Trusculpt ID can be used to treat areas that aren’t considered “pinchable” fat. CoolSculpting can be used to treat smaller areas with newly designed applicators for areas like under the chin, but it still largely applies to the abdomen and thighs. TheTruSculpt applicators are much more maneuverable, even coming with precision handheld devices.

TruSculpt ID’s heat technology will also reach the fat layer adjacent to the TruSculpt applicator pads. This allows for a more evenly distributed tightening effect and smooth look to the treated area. Treatment with TruSculpt ID leaves no ‘hard edges’. CoolSculpt can result in a dimpled appearance because it relies on sucking skin into an applicator.  Also, its cooling technology does not treat the subdermal tissue as evenly as heat can with the variously designed TruSculpt ID applicators.

TruSculpt ID vs. Emsculpt

Finally, TruSculpt ID differs from Emsculpt because while it reaches the muscle layer and can enhance definition there, the treatment is not designed to tone muscles. Emsculpt is primarily aimed at contouring the body by increasing muscle mass rather than decreasing fat. However, Emsculpt can burn a minimal amount of fat due to the activation of muscle tissue over time, although it’s not as well-known or advertised as a fat reduction treatment. Either one can be effective depending on your anatomy, lifestyle, and goals from treatment. For a more satisfying fat reduction, TruSculpt is probably right for you. For enhancing muscle definition and fine-tuning an area like the six-pack, Emsculpt may be able to help.

Schedule a Consultation About TruSculpt ID

If you’re interested in TruSculpt ID to reduce stubborn areas of fat, schedule a consultation with Carnegie Women’s Health to see if it’s the right treatment for you. Call our New York City office at (315) 628-7063 or request your appointment online to get started on a treatment plan that can help you achieve your ideal figure today.

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