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If you’ve considered your options for a mommy makeover, you may have been shocked to find out just how much downtime is required. That’s because the traditional (surgical) mommy makeover combines two or more major surgeries into a single session. While this has benefits like reduced cost and a single downtime session, it still requires a serious time investment for recovery. For working moms juggling their family and career, the mommy makeover can seem unobtainable. It’s important to know, however, that the non-invasive mommy makeover is an excellent alternative that can easily fit within your busy schedule. Here’s what to know about it and how our team at Carnegie Women’s Health can help.

What is a Non-Invasive Mommy Makeover?

A non-invasive mommy makeover is a package of non-surgical treatments aimed at addressing common side effects of pregnancy and nursing. For many women, this includes stubborn fat that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise, as well as stretched skin and scarring. Together, these two treatment approaches can rejuvenate and reshape your figure for greater confidence and energy in both your private and professional lives.

What Can a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover Do?

Our non-surgical mommy makeover in New York City combines two different treatment technologies. With our award-winning team’s professional expertise, we can help you achieve your most confident self yet.

Secret™ RF

Radiofrequency microneedling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate skin. With as little as 3 treatments, the result is tighter, clearer skin and a reduction in laxity and aging signs. It works  to stimulate new collagen production  by administering radiofrequency energy under the skin. For many moms who experience stretched skin because of pregnancy, Secret™ RF can produce transformative results as an alternative to a tummy tuck procedure. Additionally, women who underwent a cesarean section can achieve a reduction in visible scarring with regular treatments.

truSculpt® iD

It’s almost universal for women to struggle with stubborn fat pockets after pregnancy and childbirth, no matter how much dieting and exercise they do. Non-surgical body contouring is one fast-growing area of the cosmetic industry, and truSculpt®ID is one way to achieve up to 24% fat reduction with just a single treatment session. It works by administering monopolar radiofrequency energy under the skin to damage fat cells. The fat cells are then metabolized by the body and removed permanently. As a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, it can be an extremely effective way to reduce fat in areas like the flanks and stomach.

The Benefits of a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover

Treatment sessions for both truSculpt iD and Secret RF are quick and easy, meaning you can readily fit them into your schedule. The most beneficial part of a non-surgical mommy makeover is that it comes with virtually no downtime versus traditional surgical procedures. In fact, most non-surgical mommy makeover patients can return to work right away with no time off for recovery. For working moms who have demands both at home and at work, a surgical mommy makeover can be out of the question when it requires weeks of recovery. With a non-surgical alternative, you can be on your way to greater confidence without impact on your schedule or lifestyle.

Schedule a Consultation

The non-surgical mommy makeover is one of the best options available for working, busy moms. To meet with our team at our New York City office, we invite you to contact Carnegie Women’s Health by calling or filling out our online form. We also offer virtual consultations for your convenience.

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